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Escapades of Friday night..........

Well Friday was boys night out, so, a few of us decided to go hit the bars about town... Well, I might ass, that is has been quite some time since i have been out with the boys, so I decided to consume my usual bar drink.... Tanquerey and OJ.... Well, I had a beer first and then graduated to the gin.... OMFG....that was a mistake, cause this old girl was seeing stars... Jason, David and I were gonna start out at the Silver Fox, in which we did, but by 11 my light weight ass was totally and absolutley shit faced.... I told the guys I wanted to leave to go to the Falcon, where we were gonna meet up with some other folks, well when my ass hit the front door it was all she wrote..... I can't understand why nothing qould stay still, or was it me bobbin, and weavin... well I got this hair brained idea that I would walk home, so off i go (i live about 4 miles from there, no biggie).... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.... well i got to about Broadway and Molina, and this vehicle pulls up beside me, well when i finally got a focus on the object, I realized it was a yellow cab van, so I said srew it and got in, wellllll that was another mistake.... by the time I got to my apartment, I was to the point of barfing... I mean I was doing some serious heaving.... I got in, and ran upstairs, and that was all she wrote.... So needless to say, yesterday was spent in solitude and quietness.... I dont think I will be drinking for a while.... Well... thats enough for now.....




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