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Eyes Wide Open !

On the Road Again

2 September 1972
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I believe that seeing the good qualities is easy. Thy are flaunted, and put on display for all to see. All I ever hear is how sweet I am , what a big heart I have, and how the man I end up being with is a lucky person.Well let me say this.......I am a jealous man, I believe that I have been all of my life, but my experiences since I have come out have made me realize that I do have trust issue. I do not live life negitavely, however on the contrary I attempt to live life to the fullest. I will always give my trust to those I chose, and very easily. It is up to keep it, but once the trust has ended or broken, then it is hard for me to give it back.I also have a hard time expressing my feelings at first. I am one that will wait till I see the shared feelings will be listened to, and not drive the person away. A good rule of thumb...ask me "what's wrong" three times, and I will spill my heart out. In the case when I want to have feelings told to me I am very persistant, especially if I have feelings that need to be acknowledged or dismissed. The fact of not knowing drives me crazy, ans I tend to creat scenarios in my mind, that only makes matters worse.Im a very big "hider behind the mask" kind of guy. Especially when I am faced with a sad situation, that can't be shown to those around me. It is rare I wear it, but I carry it with me at all times. I will face the situations in my own time. I will not burden others with my own problems, especially if they are not able to help.As far as negative traits, I think these are the only ones that I was told about, but I am looking into finding the rest.