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Im a Freshman Again !

Well, I finally took the leap, and am starting my college career... My first class begins tomorrow, and I am so excited. I took the entrance exam, and aced it! YAAAY, only one remedial course anit was Pre Algebra,, which I expected... I have declared my major which will be HR Management...

I will be attending Long Beach City college for all of my pre-requisite work and lower division classes, and shooting for the AA in Business Administration first, which to my calculations, with the plan that i have lais out is going to take 3 years. The Transfer to CSU Long Beach for the core work to get my BS in business... That is if i can get into the program... The entire business program at CSULB is impacted so to even be considered for the program you have to have maintained a 3.0 GPA. Which I dont see as a problem. but I will work my best, and git er done!!

I was as talking to a friend the other day, and I was like you guys are gonna have to make appointments to see me because I will be so busy.... I probably will be completely bald, and be one of those Skinny Confused Bitches by the time it is all done... It will be a tad difficult since I do not plan on changing my work schedule, and will still be working the 50 hour work week, and doing a full load at school...

Starting this summer wass not a hard decidion, just said to myself if I don't get it wtarted now, I will never get it started...... Wish me luck, and I will see ya on the flip side...

To all my homies in Baltimore.... See ya in the summer of 2009!!!!!!!



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